Which Social Media Platforms Are Right for You?

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest…. I need to be on all of them.

A common misconception for business owners is that the more social media platforms that you’re active on the better. This isn’t the case. It’s about being on the right platforms and having plan. So, how do you know which platforms are best for you?

Before going into the factors you should consider when choosing platforms, let’s preface it by saying Facebook is still king. For 99% of businesses who want to be on social media, Facebook makes sense. While the numbers fluctuate depending on the source, Facebook dwarfs the competition in number of users with at least twice as more users as the next closest platform. And, it has the most consistent usage across age groups.

With that being said about Facebook, here’s 3 factors to consider when selecting your social media platforms.


Your Target Market

The age of your target market will go a long way towards determining which social media platforms you should be on. If you’re a pharmaceutical company whose primary demographic is over the age of 60, then you don’t need to be on Snapchat. Conversely, if you’re targeting 18-24 year olds, less of them will be on LinkedIn.

Your Industry

Certain industries translate better on some social media platforms than others. Instagram is a visual platform where industries like restaurants, apparel, and sporting companies can thrive. It showcases their products and services. Twitter is a fast-paced platform where news and blog sites can stay on top of trending topics and happenings.

Your Capacity

Ultimately your ability to handle multiple social media platforms should be the primary factor when considering which social media platforms you should be on. Your company’s target market and industry may indicate that you could be successful on four platforms. However, if you don’t have the team to create a schedule, make posts, and track results, then you should pick the best platforms that you can handle.

Choosing the proper platforms is the first step to having success on social media. This article by the Pew Research Center gives a little more insight about social media demographics and usage. Consider their statistics and these three factors when deciding which social media platforms you will use.

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