Everyday Places to Find Design Inspiration

Design is intelligence made visible.

If you’re a designer looking for inspiration or just plain having a brain fart, open up your world to design inspiration. Whether you’re an experienced graphic designer, or you’re an entrepreneur crafting your own promotional pieces, sometimes designing can be a struggle.

When you’re having a tough time creating new ideas, the best thing you can do is step outside. Sometimes, you’ll find that when you’re least looking for it, inspiration will strike you. There are a bunch of different locations where you can find design ideas aplenty.


Grocery Store

The equivalent of a ball pit for a four year old, the grocery store is a branding and design heaven. Can’t seem to fully grasp the look and feel of a cartoon theme? Check out the cereal aisle where you can find Toucan Sam and Tony the Tiger along with a host of other mascots. Looking for concepts on how to differentiate? Almost every product in the grocery store has multiple variations that are distinguished by different color and patterns.


When it comes to typography, the library is the best place to great place to find ideas. You don’t necessarily have to open up the books to get a sense of different fonts and weights. The library is filled with hundreds of book covers all with different fonts, colors, and alignments. Similar to the aisles in the grocery store, across the different genres you can find ideas tailored to what you’re looking for.

Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are a great place to find inspiration because you can find it in two places. The most obvious, inside the stores. Inside is where you can look at clothes, bags, and boxes. Outside, however, you can also find great ideas. Capturing the attention of people passing by is at a premium in malls. Take notice of the methods they use as well as which are effective and which aren’t.


Sometimes you need to just take time away from the project. The park gives you a chance to take a breather from work and enjoy the environment. Additionally, you’ll find design without looking for it. Whether it’s in the clothes of people passing by, the signs that the park uses, or the advertisement on the side of a parked car. You can also find it in nature by observing the natural color schemes of the wild flowers and tree leaves.

When the inevitable brain fart interrupts your design thinking, broaden your views outside of the work space. Online sources for design inspiration exists, but you can find much more in your everyday activities. All it takes is opening your eyes.

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