The Future of Artificial Intelligence, Marketing, and Privacy

Siri is soon to be EVERYWHERE. In your pocket, on your wrist, in your car, and in your home.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is accepted by some, confuses others, and downright scares the $#!+ out of some. Whether you like it or not, AI is here to stay. For marketers, AI appears to be a potential goldmine. For everyday people, however, it looks like a potential breach of privacy.


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Put simply, artificial intelligence is any machine that perceives an environment and learns and adjusts to said environment. Put even simpler, the device learns about you and takes actions that it believes you’ll enjoy.

AI has the ability to be used in a multitude of fields. In healthcare, it can be used to determine which treatments are most beneficial. With sports, it can be used to determine which players are most likely to have success. Businesses can use AI to forecast future trends based on history.

How Does It Benefit Me?

People benefit from AI every day without necessarily noticing it. When Amazon, gives you a list of products that you may be interest in, that’s AI. Changes made to your Pandora radio station based on your likes and dislikes. The suggested list of movies that Netflix provides you. And last but not least, everybody’s favorite personal assistant, Siri.

So What’s the Catch?

While AI is certainly beneficial to the end user, it’s even more beneficial to marketers. Apple enthusiasts who have the iPhone, Siri in their car, and the soon to come Apple HomePod will be giving marketer access to their entire lives. The same applies to Android/Google enthusiasts with their complete line of products.

Marketers will have complete profiles of people’s habits at home, on-the-go, literally anywhere they are. The purpose is to have a complete understanding of the customer so that they can provide true personalized advertisements. This means your Google and social media ads won’t just be targeted based on your online behaviors, but also based on what how you interact with the AI in the car and in your home.

Ethical or Unethical?

There is a clear benefit for both parties. People should get advertisements completely tailored to them. Marketing agencies will waste less advertising dollars. But, has the line been crossed when it comes to privacy? In a sense, users opt-in to the data monitoring when they decide to use these products. But, a point could be made that this is the closest thing yet to big brother. This is a discussion that will play out over the next several years.

The future of AI is inevitable. The same way smartphones were slowly adopted, AI will slowly enter the cars and homes of the majority of consumers. How marketing and privacy will play into that future, is a conversation that is sure to garner plenty of attention.

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