With Content Marketing, All That Glitters Is Not Gold

A bag of stale chips in a shiny, diamond encrusted designer bag is still a bag of stale chips.

Having a strong content marketing strategy is critical in today’s marketplace. Customers are absorbing your content in many different avenues. Whether it’s the copy on your website, your social media posts, or the brochures that you hand out at events, content is everywhere. Many companies fall into a trap where they want to tout their product or service as the greatest on the market. That’s great.. if they can prove it.

The risk of being exposed as a disingenuous company carries far outweighs the gains of being truthful about what they provide. Positive word-of-mouth is the strongest form of marketing, and negative word-of-mouth is the most destructive. Here’s some advice on what not to do, and what to do when it comes to having solid content marketing strategy:


What Not to Do

Make Claims You Can’t Prove

We see it everywhere we look. “Our company is the best in the industry at X, Y, and Z.” If there are statistics to prove it, then that claim will help generate a lot of revenue. Without the statistics, it’s just an empty claim with no substance. This leaves customers asking their peers which company they should trust. Hopefully it isn’t the competitor.

Have Inconsistencies

Across mediums, the core message of your content should be the same. You would be confused if you read about a carpet stain remover on a website, then found it on Amazon making claims about its laundry stain removal abilities. That’s an extreme example, but your goals and values should be clearly understood by your audience.


What to Do

Show Tangible Evidence

Demonstrations, case studies, and portfolios are great ways to show your audience that your product or service provides what it says. Pictures tell a thousand words. You could rave about your remodeling service, or you could show the added value your service adds to homes in the community.

Build Trust

Not every company has the resources to put together video demonstrations or build portfolios of work. For those companies, building trust through reviews and testimonials is another effective way to show credibility. Ask your customers for reviews on your Google Business page or your Facebook page, or for a testimonial for your website. These are a great way of showing potential customers that people love the work you do.

Content strategies are like sports cars. It’s all about what’s under the hood. Don’t leave your customers with empty promises by overstating your value. Embracing your unique value, and backing it with proof builds long-lasting, trusting relationships with your audience.

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